Our B2B Commitments

Our B2B Commitments

Leonidas chocolates offer many possibilities for the ideal business gift: thanking your customers, encouraging your teams, celebrating or simply giving pleasure. From small gifts to gift boxes, we offer you a wide choice to give an unexpected emotion.


Looking for a company gift that makes you happy? Think of Leonidas chocolate

Business relationships are sometimes subject to hardship strains. This is why it is important to pay attention to your partners and collaborators. Maintain your long-term relationships and offer a unique and surprising gift to delight all foodies. By choosing Leonidas pralines you affirm your taste for quality and Belgian know-how.

Contact us (info@leonidas-delices.com) if you need help or a personalized advice. 

Make your gift special... with a personalized message.

Celebrate special events with our pre-printed message cards, your gift will be even more appreciated.

Every business relationship is unique and this also applies to the gifts you offer. That's why we also offer you the opportunity to add a personalized card with your message accompanied with your logo in order to give your gift a real personal touch.

Would you rather simply add your personal business card, or choose a specific ribbon and packaging (only for Ballotins)? Contact us (info@leonidas-delices.com) and we'll take care of everything. Note that the delivery time for personalized gifts is longer.

Made In Brussels With Love

Your gift is prepared and packaged with the utmost care before being shipped to the destination of your choice in Europe. Several gifts to send? No problem, we can send at once to one or more different recipients while respecting your desired delivery time. You can enter all the addresses when ordering or simply complete the file for shipments to Belgium or the file for International shipments and send it to us by e-mail at info@leonidas-delices.com.

Company discounts

We give our B2B customers discounts and offer delivery to Belgium in connection with the quantities ordered.

Some B2B suggestions